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Accessibility Statement

The Pacific Edge Hotel (sometimes hereinafter referred to as “Hotel”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) is dedicated to providing exceptional service to guests of all abilities. We strive to provide online content that provides an excellent user experience for visitors of all abilities, using any type of assistive technology to access the website.

We base our website accessibility standards on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, level A + AA success criteria. In addition, we actively work to maintain, assess and improve the usability and accessibility of our website through training of our personnel, engagement of experts and regular testing of our digital accessibility.

We welcome feedback

If you experience any difficulty accessing or navigating our websites or have any accessibility-related questions or comments, we are listening. Please contact us at or call (949) 494-8566 with a description of the issue you encountered and your contact information. Your experience matters to us.

The Pacific Edge Hotel website may contain material from social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube, which are used to share additional content about our property, facilities and services. These third-party sites may have accessibility issues that are beyond our control. We invite you to review further public accessibility information directly from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. 

Accessible Features and Amenities

Pacific Edge Hotel welcomes guests of all abilities. Our property descriptions aim to allow any visitor to make an informed decision on whether the hotel is an appropriate choice for their needs. 

Property Features
Public entrance
Entrance doors width: 67 inches
Pathway width: 64 inches
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 64 inches
Distance from parking: 16 feet

Emergency exit

Route from the public entrance to the registration area
Distance: 14 feet
Pathway width: 72 inches
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 72 inches 

Route to elevator
Distance to elevators from entrance: 78 feet
Pathway width: 60 inches
Distance to elevators from registration desk: 92 feet
Pathway width: 44 inches 

Elevators measurements: 34 x 66 inches 
Width of the elevator doors: 36 inches 

Route from parking area to the main entrance
Distance to hotel entrance: 29 feet
Distance to front desk: 48 feet
Pathway width: 67 inches 
Pathway inclination degree: 0 degrees - parking to lobby
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 84 inches 

Parking (valet only)
Distance to front desk: 16 feet due to valet stand
Pathway width: 60 inches 
Pathway inclination degree: 0 degrees
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 67 inches 

Registration Desk
Desk height: 43 inches
Desk width: 20 inches 
Guests who are unable to access the registration desk are offered mobile (tablet) check-in service.  
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 84 inches 

Accessible Public Restroom
Door width: 29 inches 
Toilet height: 18 inches 
Sink height: 36 inches 
Height of the mirror: 77 inches (full-length mirror) 
Lavatory controls are accessible (17-inch wide counter)
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 32 inches 

Food and beverage outlets:
The Deck, Driftwood, Stateroom Bar
Distance to public entrance: 100 feet
Pathway width: 4 feet
Distance to elevators: 80 feet
Distance to bathrooms: 100 feet
Restaurant entrance door width: 36 inches 
Table heights: 35 inches with knee and toe clearance 
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 36 inches 

Meeting and Event Facilities: Bungalows
Distance to public entrance: 100 feet
Pathway width: 6 feet
Distance to elevators: 100 feet 
Bathrooms located in each bungalow
Restaurant entrance door width: 36 inches 
Table heights: 35 inches with knee and toe clearance 
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 5 feet

Pools - 2 - Seas and Surf
Distance to public entrance: 100 feet
Pathway width: 6 feet
Reached by stairs only 
Distance to bathrooms: 100 feet to Surf, 100 feet to Seas
Table heights: 35 inches with 14 inches clearance, no foot clearance  
Surf Pool has a pool chair lift but does not have ramp access for wheelchair accessibility 
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 40 inches at Seas and Surf Pools 

TTY for guest use.

Guest room televisions have closed captioning or closed captioning decoders are provided.

Service animals are welcome at the Pacific Edge Hotel.   

Accessible guest room
Pacific Suite (with elevator access through Deck Restaurant)
Room size: 1,128 square feet
Key lock on guest room door: card reader
Visual (strobe light) alarms
Door width: 35 inches
Bed type: King 
Bed size: 72 x 80 inches
Bed height: 32 inches
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 60 inches
Clearance between beds: 40-inch space on both sides of bed
Desk height and width: 30 inches and is there clearance for knee/toe

Bathroom Features: 
Door width: 33 inches
Height of toilet: 19 inches
Toilet has grab bars 
Height of sink: 36 inches - clearance
Plumbing is wrapped with insulation 
Height of the mirror: 38 inches 
Lavatory controls are accessible, with 17-inch wide counter
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 43 inches

Accessible bathing feature: Standard roll-in shower with permanent wooden seat, grab bars and detachable hand-held spray unit 

Accessible route from public entrance and registration area to accessible room. 

From a digitally accessible website to complete descriptions of all onsite amenities and features, we wish to provide a positive experience from start to finish. Please note that this accessibility statement applies to all content on the Pacific Edge Hotel website. The hotel is not responsible for any third-party content on the website. 


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